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1. How do you set the pricing on Outsource SEO?

Clients interested in the guaranteed program provided by SEO Outsourcing that ensures first page results on Google before the end of a 90-day period are provided an upfront quote. If a Top 10 ranking is not achieved within that time period by our SEO Company, no additional charges are incurred until that target is met. If after six months we still have not provided first page Google results, we refund your initial payments for the first three months. The guarantee of this program is only effective if the client pays the required fees for the first three months.

SEO Outsourcing also offers non-guaranteed services at lower prices. Non-guaranteed programs work on a monthly payment basis and can be cancelled at anytime if the results are not pleasing. Extensive contracts and long-term commitments are not required for either program.


2. How long does it normally take you to produce top rankings?

It normally only takes a few weeks for the clients of SEO Outsourcing to start noticing improved ranking results. For customers requiring local keyword advancement to first page positions, results are normally realized within a 30 to 60 day period with national keyword campaigns normally taking between 60 and 90 days to reach first page status. Of course, varying criteria such as niche competition and your website’s authority and time in cyberspace play a role with more established sites increasing in ranking faster than newly placed sites. Once you receive your target ranking, we recommend that our SEO Services be continued so you can maintain top ranking and have your online reputation continuously improved.


3. How does pricing for your Outsource SEO services compare to companies offering the same?

The pricing of SEO Outsourcing services is about average in comparison to our competition. This is based on feedback from our customer base.


4. How are rankings achieved through your programs?

SEO Outsourcing only utilizes white hat, transparent techniques that are within acceptable industry guidelines established by Google Webmaster to achieve top rankings. This pertains to such services as blogging, article marketing, directory submissions, press releases, and social promotion and bookmarking. Our company will never use black hat tricks such as link farms or paid link contacts to reach ranking goals.


5. Does your company promote all small businesses and their websites?

Most small business websites are accepted by our company. However, those promoting what can be considered offensive materials such as adult material, pharmaceuticals, gambling, etc are not promoted by SEO Outsourcing.


6. Do you provide Ranking Reports and, if so, how often?

SEO Outsource provides all of its clients with their own Dashboard, so that live ranking updates, social media activity, link building progress, analytics, and more can be viewed and followed.


7. Does your company assist with setting up Activation and On-Page features?

Yes. SEO Outsourcing provides free consultation for On-Page Optimization as well as assistance with dedicating time to ensure your pages are optimized and set up for beneficial search engine review. Plus, the services that you receive through our programs include copywriting and SEO consulting, both of which are necessary for successful search engine ranking.

  • I am so pleased to recommend this company to you. Over the past several months, I have worked directly with Phil, owner of SEO Outsourcing on projects that have also included extensive improvement of our rank and social media strategy. His expertise is superlative and I have been ecstatic with the results. Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,

    -Tammy P., First Class Weddings
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    Fixed, upfront prices determined by our unique keyword difficulty checker.

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